food hypersensitivity

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food hypersensitivity

 See Food allergy, food intolerance.
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Patient discussion about food hypersensitivity

Q. Can you define celiac as a food allergy? and if you can- how come you can't treat it with alternative medicine- like you do for other types of food allergies???

A. No, celiac is not defined as a food allergy, because the mechanism of injury to the bowel mucose after exposure to gluten containing products is much more severe than the regular allergic reaction. The damage caused to the bowel is by severe inflammation and destruction of the bowel "villi", and in a regular food allergy the only problem caused is either mal-digestion or other allergic manifestations such as a rash (aside from actual anaphylaxis).

Q. How long does it take for an allergy to occur after eating a food? Ok, I am allergic to peppers, each time I get an allergic reaction it takes longer and longer for the allergy to occur last time it was nearly 10 hours after eating the food this time it was 17 hours after eating the food. Is this even possible? I thought reactions occurred at max 4-6 hours after eating the food

A. i have a LOT of allergies. i am allergic to nuts very bad and i ate a chocolate with a nut in that a didn't notice, 10 seconds after digesting gave me a bad feeling in my throat and a few more seconds later i was violently sick and couldn't breathe very well and needed to call an ambulance 10 seconds later. i think its how bad the allergy, the quicker it starts to take effect.

Q. Is it possible to show external symptoms with a food allergy? The research I've done only mentions irritation of the throat and mouth, wheezing, etc. But is it possible to develop hives and itching on your back, arms, legs, but not have any irritation in your throat, mouth, etc, when you're affected by a food allergy, such as soy? Also, is it possibly a food allergy if the hives take a long time to go away, maybe a day or two?

A. Yes, it is possible. This exact same thing happens to me when I eat avocado products.
My skin whelps up, turn's red and itches like nothing else...
I hope that this helps and good luck with your allergies!

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Despite the study reporting higher levels of AGA and IgG anti-betalactoglobulin antibodies in patients with NCWS and multiple food hypersensitivity, the authors suggest the elimination of foods based on IgG food antigen assays should be discouraged in line with a number of international allergy and immunological guidelines.
Food hypersensitivity: Also known as "food allergy." An uncommon, nonseasonal hypersensitivity caused by a dietary substance; an abnormal immunologic response to an ingested substance.
In the absence of suitable diagnostic biomarkers to identify all pathways of food hypersensitivity, medical practitioners are severely limited in their ability to diagnose food allergen sensitivities, and to subsequently determine if an intervention strategy, such as maternal dietary restriction, is effective.
4) Food hypersensitivity is a non-immunologic reaction resulting from the ingestion of a food or food additive.
A minority of patients with infantile colic (inconsolable, agonized crying, drawing up of the legs, abdominal distention, and excessive gas associated with feeding during the first several months of life) have symptoms attributed to IgE-mediated food hypersensitivity (Sampson 1989).
The Halmstad team did raise the question in a survey of 1,139 Swedes claiming food hypersensitivity. At a symposium last year in Venice, Italy, Eriksson reported that fully 12 percent of the respondents answered "yes" to the question: Do you get symptoms when you are in close contact with--for example, kissing--another person?
This is a controversial area, partly because doctors think of a true food allergy as being either a severe, life-threatening reaction such as anaphylactic shock or a food hypersensitivity which causes a rash, vomiting and abdominal pains or diarrhoea - such as after eating shellfish.
The objective in preparing this book was to provide a resource offering up-to-date basic science and relevant clinical expertise in the area of food hypersensitivity.
Food hypersensitivity can be attributed to the ingestion of chemicals added to or sprayed on foods.
Sampson has found that food hypersensitivity is greatest in the first few years of life, but most infants become tolerant to this problem as they grow older.

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