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verb To maintain clinical surveillance on a patient.
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verb To maintain clinical surveillance on a Pt
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Q. What pattern of heredity does diabetes follow? I know that baldness comes from your mother's father. How does diabetes travel through generations?

A. Ninety percent of children who develop type 1 diabetes actually have no relative with the disease. But it’s an auto immune disease. That means that some people are in risk of getting diabetes type 1. Depends on the immune system they inherited. It’s not “recessive” or “dominant”, if your parent has type 1 – you have a 25% chance of getting the risk factor.

Q. is anyone following a diet for gastroparesis? i developed a bezoar in the stomach, as a result of gastroparesis and it caused internal bleeding, was wondering of anyone else has or knows someone who has had a similar experience

A. brandon

well i had vegus nerve severed also many years ago (forty or so) never gave me trble till recently everything seems ok rite now, but i think it may br an ongoing thing


Q. What specific symptoms should we follow for an autism child? What specific symptoms should we follow for an autism child if he is facing any problem with language learning?

A. Look out for the symptoms such as 1) if he/she talks later to other children of same age 2) if he/she speaks well and soon had lost on the previous known words 3) he/she does not make eye contact while talking 4) speaks with an abnormal tone 6) he/she is not be able to start the talk and even can’t continue it and generally lacks with words and thus repeats same words. Look for these symptoms as these symptoms are connected to communication of the child with autism.

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As the product passes the applicator, the label is applied then, wiped down by a follow along roller.