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CURE FOR BALDNESS GOOD news for the follicularly challenged as research from the University of Manchester suggests a new drug which treats brittle bone disease also stimulates hair growth.
FOLLICULARLY challenged American comedian Larry David once said: "Anyone can be confident with a full head of hair.
To call the Afghan government we continue to support as being corrupt would be to call Kojak follicularly challenged. Harper has known that Hamid Karzai fixes elections, pardons drug traffickers, runs a government whose members happily export foreign aid money in the millions with impunity and is so wholly unfit for the job it is a travesty we and our soldiers have supported him for one day much less eight years.
Admittedly one of them was the Archdeacon of Liverpool, who I discover, thanks to Google images, is also follicularly challenged.
It goes to prove my theory that wars will start, governments will tumble and sweet old ladies will be murdered in their beds before a man will admit freely he is being follicularly challenged.
Walter Kidd jokes that he can remember when follicularly challenged Falkirk boss, Eamonn Bannon, was told off at school for having long hair.
"You should also be interested in our latest product for the, uh, uh, follicularly challenged," he prattled.