follicular trachoma

fol·lic·u·lar tra·cho·ma

the ordinary form of trachoma marked by the presence of granulations on the conjunctiva.
Synonym(s): granular trachoma
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Active trachoma is most commonly seen in pre/primary school children presenting with follicular trachoma with intense conjunctival inflammation and middle aged individuals (their grandparents) presenting with trichiasis and corneal opacity.
The gold standard applied to most diagnostic tests for trachoma uses a comprehensive clinical scheme rather than the WHO simplified scheme.) The study authors found that follicular trachoma (TF) is a sensitive test (87.3%), intense trachomatous inflammation (TI) is a specific test (88.3%), and PCR is highly specific (100%) but lacks sensitivity (87.5%) [21].
Grade Description Follicular trachoma (TF) The presence of 5 or more follicles (of at least 0.5 mm) in the upper tarsal conjunctiva Inflammatory trachoma (TI) Pronounced inflammatory thickening of the tarsal conjunctiva that obscures more than half of the deep normal tarsal vessels Trachomatous scarring (TS) The presence of scarring in the tarsal conjunctiva Trichiasis (TT) At least one lash touches the eyeball Corneal opacity (CO) The presence of easily visible corneal opacity which obscures at least some of the pupil
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