follicular conjunctivitis

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fol·lic·u·lar con·junc·ti·vi·tis

conjunctivitis associated with hypertrophic lymphoid tissue in the conjunctival fornices.
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follicular conjunctivitis

A type of conjunctivitis characterized by pinkish round bodies in the retrotarsal fold; can be chronic or acute.
See also: conjunctivitis
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Conjunctival hyperemia, superficial keratitis, and follicular conjunctivitis were all reported in the four groups at different proportions, but a significant difference between the four groups was not found.
Redness, itching, burning, watery discharge, foreign body sensation, follicular conjunctivitis, membrane formation, lymphadenopathy, and hemorrhages are common symptoms in viral conjunctivitis.
Whereas serotypes D-K causing genital infection in young age often cause subacute follicular conjunctivitis resembling chronic trachoma but is free of blinding complications.
These include follicular conjunctivitis, pharyngoconjunctival fever, epidemic keratoconjunctivitis and acute hemorrhagic conjuncitvitis (2,5,48).
* Follicular conjunctivitis, also known as mucoid conjunctivitis, results when small mucous glands (follicles) react to an infection or eye irritant and form a rough, cobblestone surface that irritates the eye.
Frequent abnormalities of third eyelid are protrusion, eversion of nictitans cartilage, prolapse of nictitans gland ('cherry eye'), foreign bodies behind nictitans, enlargement of gland of third eyelid due to neoplasia or cyst formation and hyperplasia of bulbar lymphoid tissue (follicular conjunctivitis).

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