follicular cell

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follicular cell

An epithelial cell lining a follicle, such as that of the thyroid or ovary.

thyroid epithelial cell

The primary epithelial cell of the thyroid gland.

fol·lic·u·lar cell

(fŏ-lik'yū-lăr sel)
An epithelial cell lining a follicle, such as that of the thyroid or ovary.

follicular cell

1. The secretory cell of the thyroid gland; it produces the thyroid hormones, T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (tetraiodothyronine or thyroxine).
2. Any of the flattened somatic cells that form a monolayer around each primary oocyte in the ovary. After puberty, when an oocyte matures, during a monthly cycle, its follicular cells divide, become cuboidal, and form a multilayered coating for the oocyte; at this stage, the follicular cells are called granulosa cells.
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The C cells can be difficult to distinguish from adjacent follicular cells.
The S3 revealed severe deterioration including severe oedema, severe follicular cell degradation, severe vascular congestion, and bleeding sites.
The milieu of these events results in the rearrangement of RET/PTC gene in follicular cells, as the primer alterations.
Case 4: Cytological smears were moderately cellular showing numerous macrophages, thick colloid, cohesive clumps, and sheets of follicular cells arranged in vague papillary patterns with nuclear crowding and overlapping.
The NIS is the plasma membrane glycoprotein that mediates active iodide uptake into the thyroid follicular cells.
Thyroid follicular cell hypertrophy and pale-staining colloid were observed in both PB and PTU treatment groups, and diffuse hyperplasia was observed in the PTU group.
Carcinomas of follicular cell origin far outnumber those of para-follicular cell origin and non-epithelial malignancies.
The concept of microcarcinoma, based on the tumor size, is unique to thyroid and has been applied to both follicular cell and C-cell-derived tumors.
Hyalinizing trabecular adenoma (HTA) is a very rare tumor (<1% of all primary thyroid gland tumors) of thyroid follicular cell origin with a trabecular pattern of growth and marked intratrabecular hyalinization (figure 1).

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