folie gemellaire

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 [fo-le´] (Fr.)
psychosis; insanity.
folie à deux mental disorder affecting two persons who share the same delusions; formally classified as shared psychotic disorder.
folie du pourquoi [doo-poor-kwah´] psychopathologic constant questioning.
folie gémellaire [zha″mĕ-lār´] psychosis occurring simultaneously in twins.

fo·lie gé·mel·laire

a psychotic disorder appearing simultaneously, or nearly so, in twins, who are not necessarily living together or intimately associated at the time.
[Fr. relating to twins]

folie gemellaire

Etymology: Fr, madness in twins
a psychotic condition that occurs simultaneously in twins, sometimes in those not living together or closely associated at the time.


(fo-le') [Fr.] Psychosis.

folie à deux

The sharing and reinforcement of a delusion, usually of the paranoid type, at the same time by two closely associated persons.

folie du doute

Abnormal doubts about ordinary acts and beliefs; inability to decide on a definite course of action or conduct.

folie du pourquoi

Unreasonable and unrelenting questioning.

folie gémellaire

Psychosis occurring in twins.
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