folie du pourquoi

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 [fo-le´] (Fr.)
psychosis; insanity.
folie à deux mental disorder affecting two persons who share the same delusions; formally classified as shared psychotic disorder.
folie du pourquoi [doo-poor-kwah´] psychopathologic constant questioning.
folie gémellaire [zha″mĕ-lār´] psychosis occurring simultaneously in twins.

fo·lie du pour·quoi

obsolete term for a psychopathologic tendency to ask questions.
[Fr. why]

folie du pourquoi

Etymology: Fr, madness of why
a psychopathological condition characterized by the persistent tendency to ask questions, usually concerning unrelated topics.
An obsessive-compulsive neurosis characterised by the need to barrage others with questions

folie du pour·quoi

(fō-lē dū pūr-kwah)
Psychopathologic tendency to ask questions.
[Fr. why]