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Some of the risks are folate deficiency and family history of neural tube defects.
Folate deficiency can lead to anemia, gray hair, tongue swelling, and worst of all, severe birth defects among babies born to folate-deficient women.
Furthermore, we also report for the first time that the cABCG2 gene expression of offspring in liver was affected by folate deficiency during laying eggs.
Also, a certain genetic mutation (called MTHFR) can affect how the body metabolizes folate, leading to a folate deficiency. (60) This mutation can also cause elevated levels of serum homocysteine, (60) which vitamin B supplementation can help prevent.
Vitamin B12 deficiency is most frequently result from defective absorption of vitamin, while folate deficiency is most commonly due to inadequate dietary intake.
Thus, the induction of folate deficiency in mice requires the use of an antibiotic to inhibit intestinal folate-producing bacteria (Oleinik et al.
A role for homocysteine increase in haemolysis of megaloblastic anaemia due to vitamin B12 and folate deficiency: results from an in vitro experience.
(1) Most students in medical school quickly learn that vitamin [B.sub.12] and folate deficiency can cause macrocytic anemias.
Neural tube defects maybe related to folate deficiency, other medications, obesity or genetic factors.
Because serine also serves as a methyl donor for formation of active folate, individuals with this disorder may also have cerebral folate deficiency (5).
This translates into millions of cases of folate deficiency corrected or averted.
Some of the important recommendations of the survey included reducing prevalence of obesity among women in the productive age, folate deficiency and vitamin B12, stunting and wasting among children under five years.