focal spot size

fo·cal spot size

(fō'kăl spot sīz),
The measured size of a focal spot of an x-ray tube, a function of the actual size of the cathode and the angulation of the anode surface. See: focal spot.
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Measuring the acoustic impedance with a 230-MHz transducer would be time-consuming and have a more localized reading, however, because the focal spot size of the transducer is so much smaller.
18 J/cm2 where the focal spot size on target surface is 100 um.
Knowing the focal spot size and position during the critical start-up phase of a manufacturing process is critical to providing consistent and quality parts.
The phantom was imaged at 40 kV using the small focal spot size.
The penetration depth in laser welding is proportional to the power density of the laser beam and is incident function between the focal spot size and its power.
Do you know the matrix size, number of lines on a grid, target material, focal spot size, software version you are using, who checks the uniformity and how often, who's on first and what's on second?
Most of the time was typically involved in meeting customers' requirements for focal spot size, focal spot character, and beam current.
The Feinfocus inspection system offers sub-micron defect detection and a small focal spot size.
Even at such high magnifications the latest 1000 x 1000 pixel detectors can easily resolve the resulting x-ray images, so image resolution depends almost entirely on focal spot size of the x-ray source.
Variofocus is an extraordinary small, inperformance variable focal spot size X-ray system developed by YXLON engineers.
Microfocus tubes have a focal spot size of 200 [micro]m or less.

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