focal seizure

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1. the sudden attack or recurrence of a disease.
2. a convulsion or attack of epilepsy.
absence seizure the seizure seen in petit mal epilepsy, marked by a momentary break in the stream of thought and activity, accompanied by a symmetrical spike and wave at 3 cycles per second on the electroencephalogram. Called also petit malseizure. See epilepsy.
atonic seizure an absence seizure characterized by sudden loss of muscle tone.
complex partial seizure see partial seizure.
febrile seizure febrile convulsion.
focal seizure partial seizure.
focal motor seizure a simple partial seizure consisting of clonus or spasm of a muscle or muscle group, occurring either singly or in a continuous repetitive series.
generalized tonic-clonic seizure (grand mal seizure) the seizure seen in grand mal epilepsy, marked by loss of consciousness and generalized tonic convulsions followed by clonic convulsions. See epilepsy.
jackknife s's infantile spasms.
myoclonic seizure one characterized by a brief episode of myoclonus.
partial seizure any seizure due to a lesion in a specific, known area of the cerebral cortex; symptoms vary with different lesion locations. A simple partial seizure is the most localized type, with a discharge that is predominantly one-sided or presents localized features without loss of consciousness. A complex partial seizure is associated with disease of the temporal lobe and characterized by varying degrees of impairment of consciousness. See epilepsy.
petit mal seizure absence seizure.
reflex seizure (sensory seizure) an epileptic seizure in response to a sensory stimulus, which may be tactile, visual, auditory, or musical.
simple partial seizure see partial seizure.
tonic-clonic seizure see generalized tonic-clonic seizure.
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focal seizure

A seizure that originates from a localized area of the cerebral cortex, involves neurologic symptoms specific to the affected area of the brain, and may progress to a generalized seizure. Also called partial seizure.
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Focal seizures are short-lived and often referred to as an aura or warning sign, preceding a focal dyscognitive or generalized tonic clonic seizure (known as the ictal phase).
Subtle symptoms Focal seizures don't manifest in the same way generalized seizures do.
Therefore, although EEG readings were not recorded during induction of anaesthesia, in view of the clinical observations and the literature described above, we suggest that the tonic-clonic movements observed in the patient's left upper limb resulted from seizure activity triggered by sevoflurane because of a lowered seizure threshold, secondary to the previous hypocalcaemia-induced focal seizure activity.
The new organisation of seizures suggests that Focal seizures be described rather than pigeonholed.
Most common type of seizure admitted in Medicine Department were generalised type (156) (78%) followed by 17% as focal seizure, while 5% patients admitted to emergency as a case of status epilepticus.
A single generalized seizure in 24 hours lasting less than 15 minutes without focal feature is categorized as simple febrile seizure and contribute to 80-85% of febrile seizure patients; while complex febrile seizure constitute 15-20% and characterized by focal seizure lasting more than 15 min, with recurrence within 24 hrs., and associated with postictal findings.
First described by Kojewnikoff in 1894, this unique type of prolonged focal seizure continues to perplex neurologists for over a century now.
(1) A febrile seizure is described a complex or complicated when the duration is > 15 min, when repeated convulsions occur within 24 hours, or when focal seizure activity or focal findings are present during the postictal period.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: Two hundred and fifty patients (138 males and 112 females) of all the ages, with focal seizure presenting in OPD or IPD were evaluated.
Child had 1 episode of unprovoked right sided focal seizure at 3 years of age.
Partial-onset seizures, also referred to as focal seizures, starts from one area of the brain.
In infants and immunocompromised patients, measles can also cause measles inclusion body encephalitis up to a year after infection, with focal seizures, visual or hearing loss and mental status changes.

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