focal disease

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pertaining to or having a focus.
focal disease a localized disease.
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focal disease

A disease located at a specific and distinct area such as the tonsils, adenoids, or a boil.
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In a transplanted kidney this data is clear, however in a native renal biopsy it is generally agreed that 10-15 glomeruli are considered optimal and with 6-10 glomeruli a diagnosis can be made, however focal diseases can be missed, less than 5 glomeruli in a sample are generally considered inadequate, unless membranous nephropathy is the diagnosis.5 Our results are similar to that published by Bruce T.
Treatment--Antibiotics to treat Cholangitis and sepsis (8); Hepatectomy for focal disease ;(9) Liver transplantation for diffuse disease.
of 722 246 119 cases Nonperinatal 474 (66%) 179 (73%) 54 (45%) cases (% of total) Mean age 59(1-97) NA(<1-95) NA (range) (years) Male gender 265 (58%) 101 (56%) NA Peak season Autumn and Late spring May-Aug spring to fall Annual NA 0.7 NA incidence (b) Immunocom- 261/337 NA 53/ promised (77%) 54 (98%) CNS infection 268/474 55/179 19/54 (57%) (31%) (35%) Bacteremia [+ or -] 183/474 119/179 35/54 focus (c) (39%) (66%) (65%) Focal disease 9/474 5/179 - only (d) (5%) (3%) Mortality 164/371 63/ 17/ (44%) 179(35%) 54(31%) First author, year (ref) Nolla- Skogberg, Salas, 1993 Jones, Characteristic 1992 (15) (16) 1994 (17) Country and Finland, Spain, England, scope Helsinki Barcelona Bristol Study period 1971-1989 1990 1983-1992 Total no.
Surgical resection plays a minor role in the treatment of CNPA, being reserved for healthy young patients with focal disease and good pulmonary reserves, patients not tolerating antifungal therapy, and patients with residual localized but active disease despite adequate antifungal therapy.

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