flutter device

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flut·ter de·vice

(flŭt'ĕr dĕ-vīs')
Forced expiratory breathing implement that vibrates to facilitate coughing.
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Flutter device

A handheld device to facilitate clearance of mucus in hypersecretory lung disorders. Exhalation through the Flutter causes oscillations of expiratory pressure and airflow, which vibrate the airway walls, loosen mucus, decrease the collapsibility of the airways, and accelerate airflow. This facilitates movement of mucus up the airways.
See: cystic fibrosis
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At the end of l week with the Flutter device, the mean post-bronchodilator forced expiratory volume in 1 second of the patients was 1.16 L, compared with a mean of 1.09 L after a week of the sham device.
The user places the Flutter Device in the mouth and by controlled exhalation through the Flutter creates oscillations by repeatedly dislodging the ball.
One, the #AM-602 has a versatile exhalation port that comes with an optional bacteria or HEPA filter and also allows attachment of a flutter device for simultaneous bronchial hygiene therapy.