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Stretched root branch depressions along the surface of the root.
[flute, fr. O.Fr. flaute, + -ing, pr.p. suffix]]
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The complex and abstract nature of these markings has led some archaeologists to compare the finger fluting with early prehistoric markings in southern France and northern Spain.
Archaeologist Jess Cooney said: "Flutings made by children appear in every chamber throughout the caves even those that are a good 45 minutes' walk from the entrance - so far, we haven't found anywhere that adults fluted without children.
"Some of the children's flutings are high up on the walls and on the ceilings, so they must have been held up to make them or have been sitting on someone's shoulders."
The majority of the drawings are flutings covering the walls and roofs of the many galleries and passages in the complex.
Flutings thought to be by a five-year-old girl are the most prolific throughout the cave system.
Soon after the discovery of Rouffignac's finger flutings about 50 years ago, researchers started speculating about the mysterious marks.
Either teenagers or adults crafted a few finger flutings at the site, since members of these age groups possess similar, larger finger widths than children do.