fluoride varnish

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fluor·ide var·nish

(flōrīd vahrnish)
Clinically applied varnishlike coating with high concentrations of fluoride (20,000 ppm or greater) applied to the teeth every 3 to 6 months; intended to reduce tooth decay.
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[11] found no statistically significant difference between ACP, TCP, and varying concentrations of fluoride varnishes in terms of inhibiting demineralization.
Pilar Bradshaw, who recently added dental exams and preventive dental services, such as fluoride varnish, for her patients age 6 and younger, as part of a pilot project with Trillium Community Health Plan, Lane County's Coordinated Care Organization.
In nearly every state, Medicaid reimburses providers for the provision of fluoride varnish, said Dr.
* fluoride varnish (Duraphat, Colgate, Sao Paulo, Brazil);
In the present study, a comparison of short term effectiveness of two commonly used tubule occluding agents - a dentine bonding agent with glutaraldehyde and a fluoride varnish was done.
The alternative method involves painting fluoride varnish onto the tooth surface, which makes the tooth surface more resistant to decay.
control (95% CI) Fluoride placebo 24 toothpaste (21-28) Supervised non-supervised 11 brushing brushing (4-18) Brushing once per day 14 twice per day (6-22) 1,450-1,500 1,000-1,100 ppm F 8 ppm F (1-16) F-toothpaste F- toothpaste 10 + other (2-17) fluoride sources * * water fluoridation, fluoride varnish, fluoride gel, or fluoride rinsing Table 4.
One such measure, fluoride varnish treatment (FVT), has been advocated by the American Dental Association (ADA) for high-risk children as young as 6 months old, where the definition of high-risk includes children from low-socioeconomic backgrounds (American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs 2006).
Pediatric dentists are now advocating fluoride varnish treatments for children as young as one year old.
Evidence has shown using a fluoride toothpaste with the application of fluoride varnish two-four times a year on children between three and 16, combined with the right diet and brushing advice, prevents decay.