fluoride tablets

fluor·ide tab·lets

(flōrīd tablĕts)
Supplement that may be chewed and swallowed to provide anticaries activity.
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If you do not have fluoride in your drinking water, your child may need to use liquid fluoride or chewable fluoride tablets starting at six months of age.
Fluoride tablets have been available for many years, but are now associated with fluorosis, if not given appropriately and they can be toxic if excessive numbers are ingested.
BELGIUM is to ban the sale of fluoride tablets and drops used as a food supplement and will ask the EU to ban fluoride from toothpaste.
She has already announced a consultation into the issue early next year on adding fluoride to water or drinks, or giving out fluoride tablets.
Search terms such as "fluoride tablets", "fluoride lozenges", "fluoridated salt", and "fluoridated milk" were used.
If that be the case let fluoride tablets be freely available for parents to give to their children, if they so wish.
For instance, they're bringing 100,000 fluoride tablets and hundreds of tooth brushes, which will be distributed through schools.
They told her to give fluoride drops to Carena from three months and to start David, then two, now 16, on fluoride tablets.
But some children who take fluoride tablets complain of stomach pain.
Using a questionnaire completed by the parents/patients, information was obtained concerning the OH habits (tooth brushing frequency, parental help during toothbrushing, use of dental floss, age of the first dental visit, frequency of dental attendance), the fluoride exposure (application of topical fluoride and the use of fluoride supplements, such as fluoride tablets) as well as the dietary habits (frequency of daily consumption of juices and refreshments, the number of main meals and snacks as well as the number of meals containing sugars per day) of the study participants.