fluoridated salt

fluor·i·dat·ed salt

(flōri-dā-tĕd sawlt)
Sodium chloride with a fluoride additive.
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The study was developed in two Colombian communities with the distribution of fluoridated salt to the study group, as part of a trial to determine the effect of salt fluoridation in the prevention of dental caries, as compared with water fluoridation's trials (1, 2, 6).
Major elements or terms of search: fluoridation programs, salt fluoridation, water fluoridation, fluoridated water, fluoridated salt, epidemiological surveillance.
Essentially all European countries do not fluoridate public water supplies but some do offer optional fluoridated salt that is not as extensively consumed as water.
In 1996, a list was developed of municipalities in five states in which iodized and fluoridated salt should not be distributed due to high fluoride concentrations in the drinking water, including the state of Durango [10,11].
Since 1991, iodized and fluoridated salt has been used in Mexico to prevent dental caries; this policy was implemented taking into consideration that many states have high fluoride concentrations, and it specifies that fluoridated salt should not be distributed in such states.
Fluoride tablets and fluoride drops (traditionally termed fluoride supplements), fluoridated milk and fluoridated salt have been available for decades.
However, according to recent evidencebased reports on fluoridated milk, fluoridated salt, fluoride tablets and fluoride drops there is lack of evidence to make good recommendations [ Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care, 2002; Yeung et al., 2005; National Health and Medical Research Council, 2007;] and many of the studies "are highly biased" [Ismail and Hasson, 2008].
Search terms such as "fluoride tablets", "fluoride lozenges", "fluoridated salt", and "fluoridated milk" were used.
Aim: To compare prevalence of dental fluorosis (DF) in permanent teeth in children whose domestic water supply was fluoridated since birth with that in a community where fluoridated salt was available.