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To produce or exhibit fluorescence.
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However the analysis of the literature has shown that secondary metabolites of plants, including medicinal ones, may fluoresce in visible spectral region [1-3].
In this case, UV light emitted by the blacklight is causing the lure to fluoresce.
Each microparticle is equipped with a barcoded ID and one or more probe regions that fluoresce when they detect specific targets in a test sample.
Rather, UV brighteners in lure coatings or mixed into materials are causing the lures to fluoresce under the blacklight, which emit UV light as a part of the spectrum.
How it works: The OLED excites the sensor; and the sensor fluoresces. When the sensor detects the target compound, its fluorescence changes, and the photodetector responds to this change.
The adhesive, formulated with the patented Ultra-Red technology, fluoresces bright red under low-intensity "black" light (365 nm).
Dual-Cure 9481 fluoresces blue when exposed to black light for rapid quality control inspection of coated areas.
A material fluoresces after light or some other form of energy excites its electrons enough to push them to a higher energy state.
It cures in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light and fluoresces red for easy on-part detection prior to or following cure.
This adhesive fluoresces under black light for easy quality control inspection and is available in a variety of package sizes to accommodate manual to fully automated dispensing.
When bits of DNA from a specific pathogen attach to the probes, the complex fluoresces. Because the material is porous, it has a large surface area, and therefore can hold many probes per unit area.
By varying the concentration of the gold relative to the dendrimers, the researchers produced dots of many sizes, each of which fluoresces at a different wavelength.