fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test

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pertaining to or characterized by fluorescence.
fluorescent antibody test a test for the distribution of cells expressing a specific protein by binding antibody specific for the protein and detecting complexes by fluorescent labeling of the antibody. Called also FAB test.
fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test the standard treponemal antigen test for syphilis: Nonspecific antibodies are removed from patient serum, which is then reacted with Treponema pallidum fixed to a glass slide. Specific antibodies adhering to the treponemes are demonstrated with fluorescein-labeled antihuman globulin. Positive tests are seen in about 85 per cent of cases of primary syphilis, 100 per cent in secondary syphilis, and 98 per cent in late syphilis. The test remains positive for life even after syphilis has been successfully treated. Called also FTA-ABS test.
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fluor·es·cent tre·po·ne·mal an·ti·bod·y ab·sorp·tion test

(FTE-ABS) (flōr-esĕnt trepō-nēmăl anti-bod-ē ăb-sōrpshŭn test)
Sensitive specific test for syphilis in which cross-reacting anti-treponemal antibodies are absorbed from the patient's serum so as not to interfere with detection of antibodies to the disease-causing strain using immunofluorescence.
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