fluorescence spectrum

fluor·es·cence spec·trum

fluorescence evoked over a range of wavelengths when the excitation wavelength is at a maximum.
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Fluorescence spectrum was obtained under an excitation of a 980 nm-diode laser.
The CT interaction in relation to the extent of CTC production, strongly depends on the fluorescence spectrum.
The fluorescence spectrum is observed in the range of 300-700nm with an excitation wavelength of 320nm as shown in Fig.
Figure 7 compares the 2010 Biloxi Loop wild-caught larval spectra to the contour fluorescence spectrum obtained from the 1,615 ppm cyclohexane dilution of the Alabama tar mat and the EX 340/EM 400 nm maxima are highlighted on both.
In addition, using the absorption spectrum of cisplatin, and fluorescence spectrum of HSA, (Concentration ratio of drug and protein is 1:1 at pH 7.
Also, the high-speed 3D scanning of 60,000 nm/min enables acquisition of a 3D fluorescence spectrum in a short time, with individual scans acquired in just one second, according to the company.
From the mechanistic point of view, in the solution containing only the QDs/P1 and AuNPs/P2 (negative control), the fluorescence spectrum was recorded at 50AU, while in presence of Mycobacterium DNA (target molecule), a significant downward shift in the spectrum peaking at 10 AU was observed (Fig.
Washington, Jan, 1 ( ANI ): The Active Particle-induced X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) that was carried by Chang'e-3 satellite's Yutu rover, obtained its first X-ray fluorescence spectrum of lunar regolith around the landing site on December 25.
In both reports, the ratio between light available to PSII and total absorption, essential for the calculation of the oxygen release rate (using the PSII-scaled fluorescence spectrum as a proxy) was dependent on species and photoacclimation state.
Studies on the antagonistic action between chloramphenicol and norfloxacin by fluorescence spectrum.
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