fluorescein staining

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staining, fluorescein 

The artificial coloration of tissue by fluorescein. Under ultraviolet illumination, it stains dead or degenerated corneal epithelial cells due to abrasions, old age or following inadequate contact lens fit, a yellowish-green colour. It also stains the tears, thus facilitating the evaluation of tear drainage or the blood flow through the retina and choroid when injected intravenously. Corneal staining resulting from contact lens wear may present in various shapes, locations, depths or severity. A very common form is punctate staining as appears in punctate epithelial keratitis. There may be arcuate stains located in different parts of the cornea, some inferiorly (called inferior epithelial arcuate lesions) or superiorly (called superior epithelial arcuate lesions, acronym: SEAL, or epithelial splitting), which usually do not give rise to symptoms and appear mainly with soft or silicone hydrogel lenses. A very severe form of staining is called epithelial plug. It is typically round in shape and represents a loss of the full thickness of the epithelium. Corneal staining resulting from contact lens wear typically disappears after cessation of contact lens wear. See fluorescein angiography; dye dilution test; fluorescein test.
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Mean and standard deviation were calculated for quantitative variables (tear break up time, schirmer test, fluorescein staining and age).
Although the underlying cellular mechanism of corneal staining is incompletely understood, fluorescein staining of the ocular surface is a common diagnostic feature of ocular diseases, and it is frequently used to assess ocular surface integrity, particularly the cornea [13, 14].
Fluorescein staining occurs when the epithelial barrier is disrupted and serves as a good test for evaluation of dry eye.
The differences in the tear volume, tear film BUT, and fluorescein staining scores between the groups were evaluated by using a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test with Tukey's post hoc analysis.
[sup][15] The criteria for diagnosis of severe dry eye disease were as follows: (a) Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) ≥33 and corneal fluorescein staining (CFS) score ≥3; (b) OSDI <33 and CFS ≥3, additional criteria ≥1 or impaired corneal sensitivity; (c) OSDI ≥33 and CFS = 2, additional criteria ≥1; (d) OSDI ≥3 and CFS ≤1, additional criteria ≥1 and BUT <3 s.
* Pre-regs should thoroughly check for fluorescein staining using a cobalt blue light and yellow filter.
Symptom assessment, medical history, silt lamp examination for tear meniscus height, Rose Bengal and fluorescein staining of conjunctiva and cornea, tear breakup time test (TBUT) and Schirmer\'s test are among the preferred diagnostic tools to detect the tear film instability.8
The ESSENCE trial met its primary efficacy endpoint, improvement of total corneal fluorescein staining over vehicle at Day 29 (4 weeks), with high statistical significance (p = 0.0002).
The subjects were submitted to the following tests, exactly in the order cited, during the first visit (T0) and at follow-up visits (T1 and T3): best spectacle-corrected visual acuity (BSCVA) converted for LogMar scale, tear film osmolarity by electrical conductivity [16], biomicroscopy [17], Schirmer 1 test without anesthesia [18], tear film breakup time (TBUT) [18], fluorescein staining [19], completing patient's symptoms questionnaire and ocular surface disease index (OSDI) [20], lissamine green staining [18], and impression cytology (IC) and staining by periodic acid Schiffhematoxylin (PAS-H).
A brief physical examination was performed, direct pupillary light reflex was tested, and fluorescein staining was performed on each eye of each bird 24 hours after administration.
* By fluorescein staining, Characteristic superficial and deep punctuate keratitis pattern was noted down if present.

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