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To produce or exhibit fluorescence.
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The patented technology was originally developed to make zebrafish fluoresce in the presence of toxins in water supplies.
The tubercles that fluoresce under UV light form in patterns that are distinct among species or genera.
Glandular hairs of the leaf that stored valuable pharmaceuticals have been demonstrated to fluoresce, mainly, in blue or green channels of confocal microscope (Figure 4(a)) at excitation by laser 405 nm, while in red channel of the apparatus chlorophyll was seen (Figure 4(b)).
Lures with brighteners that fluoresce only under UV light are only part of a "fluorescence spectrum." As mentioned above, other types of fluorescent paints found on many lures fluoresce when exposed to wavelengths into the visible portion of the light spectrum.
By using chemicals that fluoresce, it was possible to detect the signature of different chemicals that were in the hidden artwork This is much Like what Seracini is doing, but he uses gamma rays instead of ultraviolet light This is because he has to "peer through" a wall to see Leonardo da Vinci's hidden masterpiece
The technology addresses the problem that many plastics, including PVC and PC, naturally fluoresce blue under UV light, which minimizes the inspection advantages of using conventional blue-fluorescing adhesives in medical-device assembly.
This early T-33 had some instruments with fluorescent dials and we had a couple of ultra-violet lights to excite them to fluoresce. Spilled hydraulic fluid would also fluoresce and my first hypoxic symptom was fuzzy instruments, which I blamed on spilled fluid.
Each microparticle is equipped with a barcoded ID and one or more probe regions that fluoresce when they detect specific targets in a test sample.
The walls of these cylinders hold the pigments that cause the wings to glow, or fluoresce.
The '930 patent relates to latent fluorophore-minor groove binder oligonucleotide conjugates which fluoresce upon hybridization to a target.
If a gene is turned on or up as a result of exposure, it will fluoresce more brightly than the same gene on the corresponding chip for the control group.
Within this esoteric area of short-run printing, the invisible ink can only be seen by using an ultra violet lamp, causing the ink to fluoresce to a bright red color.