fluke disease

fluke disease

see hepatic fascioliasis, paramphistomiasis.

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Q. I heard and experienced that the natural medicine is better than modern. I heard and experienced that the natural medicine is better than modern. When I came through a book I read about kombucha, which is not explained in it. What is kombucha?

A. BE CAREFUL;what you read is not always true,there have been results with natural meds for minor medical problems,BUT you also have to no that all meds natural/modern do not work on all people.some off these cures are more hype than anything else.If these natural meds really cured people we would all be healthy--using them with modern meds is your best bet when you have a severe med problem,always check with your DR.NO NOT TRY TO SELF DIAGNOSE,and put somthing in you bodyif you are work,sometimes ther is no turning back---mrfoot56--peace

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In Scotland, SRUC report that the Dumfries and Ayr area had the highest number of cases of acute liver fluke disease in early November with cases also coming in from north eastern Scotland.
Sheep with acute fluke disease caused by mass migration of immature flukes through the liver may simply be found dead with no prior sign of illness.
FARMERS in Wales should be vigilant for liver fluke disease in sheep and cattle this autumn.
Schistosoma nasale caused Nasal schistosomosis is an important blood fluke disease in bovines especially cattle in India.
Liver fluke disease, or fascioliosis, is a worldwide infection of livestock (especially sheep and cattle) and also an important pathogen of humans.
A retrospective survey of liver fluke disease in livestock based on abattoir data in shiraz south of Iran.
2008 has been used to assess the prevalence and enduring drift of liver fluke disease in sheep, goats and cattle in the constituency (Ahmadi and Meshkehkar, 2010).
Dr Skuce, who is concerned about the increasing number of outbreaks of liver fluke, especially in areas that haven't had a fluke problem before, said: "Over the past five years there has been a significant increase in cases of both acute and chronic liver fluke disease in sheep and cattle throughout the UK.
SHEEP farmers in the Pennine hills are being asked to remain on guard as they start 2013 after an increase of Liver Fluke disease has caused mounting losses in the UK.
PICNICKERS tempted to use wild watercress to spice up their sandwiches have been warned they run the risk of catching liver fluke disease.
GOOD news for carers of people with Alzheimer's disease - metrifonate, which started life years ago as a treatment for tropical liver fluke disease, has shown excellent results in early Alzheimer's.