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The reciprocal of viscosity; unit: rhe = poise-1.
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Addressing a major need in a large and fast-growing market, Fluidity's uniquely-designed drone controller intuitively unlocks the human potential for drone flight with a more natural and exacting way of piloting.
However, Marcin Iwinski, the co-founder of CD Projekt Red, told Newsweek that they have heard all the criticisms and announced that gender fluidity will be a part of the "Cyberpunk 2077" character creator.
Sexual orientation has four key components: (5,6) (1) self-identified labels (homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual): in the context of sexual fluidity, these labels change and as Tortorella sees himself as label-less.
These stories and others position spiritual fluidity as more pragmatic than radical, despite the inherently countercultural implications of claiming a complex identity.
Effect of Different Addition Periods of Wheat Straw on Cement Fluidity. A mature technology of the preparation of PCS was selected through experimental comparison.
In addition, increasing mineral admixtures can increase the fluidity. Studies [14-16] showed that BFS (blast furnace slag) and FA can increase the fluidity under fresh conditions and densify the microstructure and can get higher strength due to its potential hydraulic and volcanic ash reactions.
PRESENTER Gabby Logan has said she encourages "gender fluidity" among her children and refuses to intervene with their personal choices.
The variable fluidity function on both pan and tilt allows for smooth, judder-free movement.
Fluidity Freerun Academy is being created at the former Infinity warehouse in Tremorfa, which became free when Infinity moved to bigger premises nearby on Pengam Road.
fluidity freerun want to take over the old Infinity warehouse in Tremorfa to replicate an outdoor environment of wooden structures, platforms and scaffolding rigs to train up the next generation of ninja warriors.
Regardless of the cause, less fluidity in the labor market leads to fewer opportunities for workers to renegotiate their current employment arrangements using outside options as leverage.