fluid extract

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(flū'id-eks'trakt), Avoid the incorrect form fluid extract.
Pharmacopeial liquid preparation of vegetable drugs, made by percolation, containing alcohol as a solvent or as a preservative, or both, and so made that each 1 mL contains the therapeutic constituents of 1 g of the standard drug that it represents.
Synonym(s): liquid extract

fluid extract

Herbal medicine
A herbal preparation which is concentrated as a means of preserving its efficacy; the simplest fluid extract is a green extract prepared from fresh leaves.

Fluid extract

A concentrated preparation of a drug.
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I combine these plants in fluid extract form, with ginger.
Once the plants have been selected, they are combined in the correct percentages for the patient in the form of fluid extracts.
The next experiment was to compare the antibacterial effects of ginger supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extracts. Table 2 showed that ginger extracts were with efficient inhibition for the growth of S.
TOKYO - Emperor Akihito met visiting Kuwaiti ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah at the imperial palace on Wednesday, just a day after having fluid extracted from his chest for the second time following his heart bypass surgery in February.
Tokyo, Rabi'II 27, 1433, Mar 20, 2012, SPA - Japanese Emperor Akihito on Tuesday had fluid extracted from his chest for the second time, the palace said.
With each entry organized alphabetically, the featured plants include their preparation technique, including tinctures, fluid extracts, ointments, salves, syrups, and more.
The other tests include amniocentesis, which uses amniotic fluid extracted from the uterus and can cause complications including infection and miscarriage.
McKesson & Robbins' fluid extracts, tinctures, pills and tablets soon became known all over the world, and the company won medals for its pioneering work.
Compositions of the supercritical C[O.sub.2] fluid extracts of cultivated G.
With the help of enzyme-rich rumen fluid extracted from the digestive tracts of dairy cows, the method can quickly predict the fermentability, or ethanol-producing potential, of a given cultivar.
After more research, he homed in on a fluid extracted from unripe berries of mistletoe--a plant sometimes used for holiday decorations.
Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) has patented materials and methods relating to mildly polar fluid extracts of plant materials, such as Artemisia plant species, useful in methods for treating diabetes and methods for modulating the activity of glucagon-like peptide-1, and in methods for modulating phosphoenol pyruvate carboxykinase activity in a diabetes-specific manner.