fluid balance chart

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flu·id bal·ance chart

(flū'id bal'ăns chahrt)
Record used to monitor input and output of fluids. Input includes oral fluids and infused intravenous fluids and blood products. Output includes fluid loss as urine, emesis, and wound drainage.
Synonym(s): input and output record.
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Riverbank children's ward staff nurse Nicola Best, who had started the fluid balance chart at 6.30pm, said: "He looked washed out, tired, he looked like he was feeling unwell, but alert.
* Hydration fluid balance chart which included an hourly urinary output with usage of an urometer drainage bag that gave accurate hourly measurement.
Drugs used to promote diuresis: A treatment for fluid balance charts? British Association of Critical Care Nurses, 9(2), 80-85.
In one case three litres of fluid were prescribed, but only two were recorded as having been given on the fluid balance chart. The bag of fluid that had been omitted had been prescribed to include 20 mmols of potassium and would have meant that the patient involved would have received the minimum recommended amount of potassium for the day.
The amount recorded on the fluid balance fluid balance chart. The chart documents disparity between the drug 70 g of chart, the fluid balance Intragam as chart and the blood bank being record meant that it was administered not possible for the and the blood neurology service or the bank records ICU team to be sure of the state that 90 g exact amount of of Octagam [TM] immunoglobulin that had was released to actually been administered.