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The ease and efficiency of speech; the production of speech without pauses, lapses, or hesitation.
fluent, adjective
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Harriet Mallinson, a journalist for (https://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/1039709/queen-elizabeth-ii-french-france-foreign-language-royal-family) Express , revealed that Her Majesty can speak French fluently. French is regarded as the official language in 29 countries.
Although the villagers converse in the local dialect, most of them can speak Sanskrit fluently.
Sarah is fluently bilingual with an educational background in business administration.
It has gotten to terrible that a child who speaks the English language fluently is considered intelligent, while the one who speaks his mother tongue fluently is considered 'local.'
School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said: We want every child to reach their potential and this means ensuring all pupils can read fluently by the time they leave primary school.
David Dennis's gelding is a latecomer to fences on his 45th start which suggests he might not be a natural, but if he jumps fluently he should have too much class for this field.
The survey showed that 11% (310,600) of all people aged three and over living in Wales in 2013-14 could speak Welsh fluently compared with 12% (317,300) in 2004-06.
All appeared to be going well in the early stages, with Vautour largely fencing fluently in the hands of Paul Townend, but the but the T complexion of the race changed in the back straight as he made a shuddering mistake five fences from the finish.
The United States is my place of birth and English is the only language that I speak fluently. My mother's family moved to New York 150 years ago.
Q In view of her German ancestry, does the Queen speak the language fluently? Carol Doust South East London.
He spent five years of his childhood in Lebanon and speaks Arabic fluently.
"Officers also fluently speak in Russian; there is a long list of military establishments that prepare military elite for the Kyrgyz military.