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Relating to fluency.


/flu·ent/ (floo´int) flowing effortlessly; said of speech.


Etymology: L. fluens flowing
flowing effortlessly. It is said of speech.


The ease and efficiency of speech; the production of speech without pauses, lapses, or hesitation.
fluent, adjective
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Numbers of fluent Welsh speakers tumbled across the region to 135,200 in 2013-15, while numbers actually slightly increased across Wales.
The capital's number of fluent speakers rose from 14,800 to 21,800, while in Rhondda Cynon Taf it rose from 11,200 to 16,600.
An early mover in the mobile trend, Fluent is well positioned in the marketplace with more than 70% of consumer interactions occurring on mobile devices.
Fluent reflects the application-focused nature of the life sciences market, as scientists look to partner with equipment manufacturers that can provide this type of high quality and user-friendly technical solution.
Fluent is a unique automation concept designed to meet the application-specific needs of laboratories, providing greater capacity and speed.
Jenkins said: "When I returned to the UK I was asked by several previous learners if I was going to start Fluent Futures again.
Fluent in Foreign is headed by Alexander Gordin, author of the critically acclaimed business book "Fluent in Foreign Business”, which is available at all major online booksellers.
The difficulty of reading passages was systematically increased so that students became more fluent with increasingly difficult reading passages.
In describing the performance of persons with fluent aphasia, Edwards focuses primarily on issues in lexical access and possible grammatical deficits.
Half came from Canada and spoke only English; the rest came from India and were fluent in English and Tamil.
However, the survey showed that, while the percentage of people able to speak Welsh had increased, the percentage and number of fluent speakers had decreased.
Our collaboration with Eberspacher has produced a unique design methodology that I believe will transform the design process for complex automotive diesel filters," said Fluent Global Automotive Segment manager Werner Seibert.