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William H., English surgeon and anatomist, 1831-1899. See: Flower bone, Flower dental index.
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Fig. 161 Flower . A vertical section of a typical flower.


the sexual reproductive structure of ANGIOSPERMS, consisting usually of four types of organs: SEPALS, PETALS, STAMENS and one or more CARPELS. See Fig. 161 . Some plants have unisexual flowers. When these are found on the same plant, the plant is described as MONOECIOUS; when on different plants, the plants are called DIOECIOUS. Many plants produce their flowers in clusters called INFLORESCENCES.
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Q. Can Bach flowers help with weight loss? I've been treated with Bach flowers once for another issue and it really helped, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried it to loose weight cause it seems a little far fetched...

A. I actually disagree with Nichole...certain bach flowers can help dain control and help you feel better with yourself, be more forgiving to yourself- things that sometimes are in our way when trying to loose weight... you should try it out- it can help with maintaining a normal healthy diet.

Q. Have you ever try Flower Essences for bipolar disorders??? I am Flower Essences practitioner as well as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist educated in Venezuela.I have wonderful experiences with Flower Essences and Alternative Terapies.

A. i never tried flower essence in any medical situation. maybe i will, i think it's worth a try. but about Bipolar disorder- changing medications that work and, even though they have unpleasant side effects, proven to help- could have destructive outcome. so in this case i don't think that it's wise to do so.

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Rambling and climbing roses can be pruned now unless they are repeat flowerers. Remove suckers from rosebushes and from the base of trees.
The striking Sahin's Early Flowerer is this week's special offer.
Another impressive flowerer is Euphorbia charicas subsp wulfenii, an evergreen biennial that produces clusters of yellow/green blooms in the spring.
It's quite an early flowerer, so if your garden is exceptionally cold or windy, plant it in the shelter of a wall.
'Sahin's Early Flowerer', while a more drought-tolerant type with flame-streaked petals, and H.
Helenium Sahin's Early Flowerer - fiery orange and yellow blooms.
Not always a reliable flowerer, but well worth the effort to try and get it to bloom.
Zauschernia "Glasnevin", a late flowerer and Aquilegia shockleyi also made it to the front half of the border.
campanulata, a tall late summer flowerer with scented flowers.
It is a later flowerer - July to September - and has flowers rather like marigolds.
It's only a four-footer, but the delightful Lemon Queen tops six feet, is a prolific flowerer and just gets better as the season goes on.
In coastal areas Tecoma stans is already showing flowers, while up in the hills it is regarded as a late summer or autumn flowerer. At Larnaca Airport the silk trees are rustling in the breeze from the proximity to the sea which they relish.