flower-spray ending

flow·er-spray end·'ing

one of the two types of sensory nerve ending associated with the neuromuscular spindle (the other being the annulospiral ending); in this type, the fiber branches spread out on the surface of the intrafusal fibers like a spray of flowers.
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Angelo, Italian histologist, 1864-1929.
flower-spray organ of Ruffini - one of the two types of sensory nerve ending (the other being the annulospiral ending) associated with the neuromuscular spindle. Synonym(s): flower-spray ending
Ruffini corpuscles - sensory end-structures in the subcutaneous connective tissues of the fingers, consisting of an ovoid capsule within which the sensory fiber ends with numerous collateral knobs.
Ruffini papillary endings - papillary endings of the skin's nerve endings.
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