Bach flower remedies

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Bach flow·er rem·e·dies

(bahk flow'ĕr rem'ĕ-dēz)
Developed by the English physician Edward Bach, these modalities are thought useful by some practitioners to rebalance one's emotional state to reduce stress on the body.
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Flower essences are the energy from plants and they interact with our energy in a way that's similar to how music or art inspires us.
Seek Spirit Essence, a bright floral (imagine ylangylang, rose, and neroli) and Seek Spirit Essence, a potent earthy blend (think oakmoss, vetiver, and jasmine), are uplifting scents inspired by the legendary Horst Rechelbacher's favorite flower essences. Nice touch: $5 from the sale of these Essences goes to support pollinator projects.
"Both blends contain flower essences and the best in essential oils and carrier bases," Clark says.
Bachs Rescue Remedy dropper 10ml, PS7.99, Boots Formulated in 1930 by Dr Bach, a few drops of this mix of 38 flower essences in a grape alcohol solution can help restore calm and focus during a stressful period.
Introduction to Flower Essences Learn the science behind flower essences with instructor Loralee Dubeau, 10:30 a.m.-noon.
"Aura-Soma--a system that provides healing through your chakras [your energetic body] with color, crystal energy, and herb and flower essences. I cannot live without it."
The treatments offered can include homeopathic remedies, herbs, flower essences, cell salts, super foods, and supplements.
"Dietary supplements with ingredients like green tea, as well as flower essences like Harmonease, are also now available."
The same natural flower essences make Rescue Balm an intensive moisturising lip balm, get more information at For your chance to win a Rescue skincare set, email your name and address to writing RESCUE in the subject box by Friday, February 15.
She includes non-traditional modalities like auricular therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, and the Bach Flower essences. Issues related to cancer are covered in a separate book.
In discussing the conference Mauntel said "Nurturing the body and soul through flower essences at the end of life can be transformative for all family members."