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n a graphic representation of a sequence of operations using symbols to represent the operations. Flowcharts often symbolize the most important steps of the process with-out detailing the algorithm of the way the work is to be performed.
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Each student should prepare a simple flowchart in pencil depicting the general process of creating a flowchart.
SmartDraw VP automates the creation of 70 different types of business visuals including flowcharts, mind maps, Gantt charts, timelines, floor plans, data charts and more.
The flowcharts provide a logical representation of the progression of a disease.
FSCS today launched a new consumer guide and interactive online flowcharts to help consumers find out more about FSCS's work and how it can help: www.
Beyond the major difference of including process flowcharts to depict linkages between laboratory procedures, GP2-A5 also provides a generic flowchart for setting up and running an automated analyzer.
The external auditor completely reviews all internal control documentation including narratives, flowcharts and walk-throughs.
Because the flowcharts are stored electronically, the Space Center was able to do away with rooms full of paper-based documentation.
The flowchart can be applied to the security information upon purchase and acquisition of securities or upon transfer among categories of securities.
But if creating a flowchart were to become the only step in writing a computer program, it would eliminate the tedium of translating a complex concept into myriad lines of code.
LucidChart empowers users to create, edit and collaborate in real time on diagrams and flowcharts from any device with a browser, whether it be a desktop computer, netbook, or mobile device.
The solution also includes 10 drawn samples that represent customer activities such as business feedback, reservation system, electronic file workflow, global payment solution, hunting/fishing license sales flowchart, invoice lifecycle, land sales process, lead to opportunity sales flow, visual shopping scheme, and workflow lead to opportunity.