flowable composite

flow·a·ble com·pos·ite

(flōă-bĕl kŏm-pozit)
Resin compound that is relatively fluid when placed in a cavity before polymerization.
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Group A (Control Group) consisted of teeth on which flowable composite with bonding resin was used whereas Group B (Experimental Group) included teeth with flowable composite without the use of intermediate bonding resin.
Hickel, "Investigations on a methacrylate-based flowable composite based on the SDR[TM] technology," Dental Materials, vol.
Light cured flowable composite resin (3M[R] ESPE, MN, USA) was then inserted into the canal chamber and then the polyethylene post was inserted and cured for 60 seconds.
One coat for the one-step self-etching adhesives plus a thin layer of a flowable composite (Filtek Flow, 3M ESPE, St.
Various materials such as adhesive systems, alone or in conjunction with flowable composite, microfilled composite, hybrid composites, nanocomposites, dual or chemically cured resin cements and glass ionomers; have been used for crown reattachment.
A thin layer of flowable composite (Teric Flow, Vivadent, Lichtenstein) was applied onto tooth surfaces without light cure.
62% dentists adopted sandwich technique using RMGIC, 60% used GIC in sandwich restoration with immediate composite placement, 39% used flowable composite as a gingival increment, 4.4 % used GIC with delay of 48 hours for composite placement and 4.4% reported to do restoration without using any liner.
Utilization of new self adhering flowable composite resin.
Group 1: 10 cavities restored with Fusio TM Liquid Dentin (FLD) -A2 shade (self adhesive flowable composite, Pentron Clinical Technologies, Wallingford, CT, USA) without etching and bonding, Group 2: 10 cavities restored with FLD -A2 shade with etching only and Group 3: 10 cavities restored with FLD -A2 shade with etching and bonding.