flotation method

flo·ta·tion meth·od

any of several procedures for concentrating helminth eggs for more reliable results when eggs are difficult to find in direct examination; the flotation methods depend on flotation of helminth eggs on the surface of a liquid of sufficiently high specific gravity, approximately 1.180; one part feces mixed in about 10 parts saturated saline will float most protozoan cysts and nonoperculated helminth eggs.
See also: zinc sulfate flotation centrifugation method.

flo·ta·tion method

(flō-tā'shŭn meth'ŏd)
Flotation of helminth eggs on the surface of a liquid of high specific gravity when eggs are difficult to find in direct examination.
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Researching the technology of tar removal from coke-chemical plants' wastewater by reagent flotation method.
This is one of the basic reagents used in the flotation method of processing of potash ore.
Variability and floatation which are surface properties of aluminum silicate minerals and ease of reproduction of mud, unlike flotation method has made desilication difficult as compared to other common methods of flotation.
In order to remove these impurities, froth flotation method was applied.
The brown sugar flotation method detects greater percentages of larvae than the hot water method (Yee 2012), but as these are the only methods that have been evaluated, it would be useful to determine if variations or modifications of these methods can yield better results.
The copper will be extracted with the use of acid, unlike the flotation method used at Matchless and Otjihase mines.
The method is based on the formation of a ternary ion-associate between Cu2+ with methylthymol blue (MTB), an anionic dye, and cation of cethyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) surfactant, and extraction of (Cu2+-MTB)- CTA+ ternary ion-associate into the interface between aqueous and n-hexane phase by flotation method.
In order to determine the effect of possible changes of particle size reduction or fineness on oil shale beneficiation flotation method is used.
One of the key steps in the flotation method is the introduction of air bubbles into water.
He tested the flotation method on 289 metered dose inhalers (MDIs) collected in varying states from asthma patients.
It is "difficult to deink 100 percent," with the flotation method used by Haindl and others, he added.