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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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In floppy disks the disk actually spun in its case within the reader - much like a CD - making damaged disks (and lost files) common.
uk said the end of floppy disks could cause problems for those with data stored on them, but claimed some shops will enable data to be transferred to a new storage format.
In addition to floppy disks, computer accessories that are typically sold at Phar-Mor discount stores include diskette boxes, surge protectors, tool kits, printer stands, cleaning instruments, mouse pads, dust covers, computer paper, phone modems and fax cards.
I tried to explain to my daughter what a floppy disk is that we used to use it as storage and she just laughed and said no no no you store data on a USB drive
For these machines, a floppy disk preparation utility is also included in Replica.
If a floppy disk is introduced into an infected computer, it does not necessarily have to contain an executable file for it to become infected or function as a carrier.
However, with Fastback Plus, I find I can perform a complete backup to floppy disk of my 69 data files (which occupy 800,000 bytes of space on the hard disk) in nine seconds.
99 USB Floppy Disk Drive is as what it says - all you need to do is plug this into any available USB port, and it is capable of transferring all 1.
The new LS-120 floppy disk announced last week by 3M and Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Industries Ltd.
The accountant upgrading a PC should replace one of the full-height floppy disk drives with a half-height hard disk and a new half-height floppy disk drive.
Keep those files on a floppy disk and hide the floppy disk in your closet.