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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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This can be done because - probably by chance - the pins on an SD card perfectly align to the individual wires on a floppy drive cable.
It does not involve any movements; the floppy disks or the CDs and DVDs involve movements which require a drive to make it go in circles.
PC World commercial director Bryan Magrath said the "relentless" pace of technological change had left floppy disks unable to compete.
Apple was the first to remove floppy disk drives from its computers when the iMac was introduced in 1998, with Dell removing them from its higher spec computers in 2003.
Today, most computer programs are too large to run or store on a manageable number of floppy drives.
Computer manufacturer Dell has decided to stop including floppy drives as standard on its PCs "because there are better alternative technologies out there.
Each photo consumed only about 130KB, so the floppy could hold up to 10 pictures.
Endoscopic suction examination is a useful technique to detect a hidden polyp or floppy polypoid changes in the middle turbinate and middle meatus.
The hard disk acts as a giant floppy disk, storing hundreds of times more information than a floppy, yet serves the same basic purpose as floppy disks, with three key differences:
A floppy disk consists of a memory disk and a pair of disk shells provided with a liner inside for protecting the memory disk.
In the 1980s, when computer users first realized that storing data on floppy disks was inefficient (since the highest capacity floppy holds a maximum of 1.
Gone are the days when all one needed was one or two 5-1/4- or 3-1/2- inch floppy drives and a handful of disks to work on and store word processing or database files.