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floppy, floppy disk

See diskette.
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Symptoms include the head falling to one side, not wanting to crawl on the stomach, and a general floppiness.
Symptoms also include stiffness or floppiness of the limbs leading to walking, feeding and breathing problems.
In babies and toddlers, symptoms include fever with cold hands and feet, limb floppiness or unresponsiveness, food refusal, unusual cries, difficult or rapid breathing, a dislike of being handled, vomiting and pale/blotchy skin.
Symptoms include floppiness of the limbs and trunk, feeble movements of the arms and legs, swallowing and feeding difficulties, and impaired breathing.
An adverse drug-related effect should also be suspected when an infant exhibits signs of jaundice, floppiness, jitteriness, poor suck, diarrhea, or growth restriction.
Other symptoms of MKHS include: rosy, pudgy cheeks; failure to thrive; lack of muscle tone, floppiness (hypotonia); irritability; seizures--usually tonic-clonic; brittle, kinky hair; feeding difficulties; intracranial hemorrhage due to twisted arteries with frayed and split inner walls; weakened bones and osteoporosis leading to fractures; and, hypothermia (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2005).
Not really--I'd had a holy terror of the aforementioned floppiness instilled in me at an early age (OH).
It gives the surgeon precise measurements of septal thickness, mitral valve leaflets length and floppiness and papillary muscle anomalies.
With the aid of computer programs written by the artist, these devices create paintings in various historical styles and objects marked by Oldenburgian floppiness.