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I attached another 3/4-inch floor flange on one side of the telescope box at its balance point with an eyepiece installed.
MATERIALS Quantity Description 1 36-inch sawhorse platform (2-by-6 lumber) 4 26-inch sawhorse legs (2-by-4) 4 7-inch studs (2-by-4) 2 26-inch support arms (1-by-4) 2 19-inch binocular yoke cross pieces (1-by-4) 1 4-inch square (1-by-4) for binocular yoke 1 14-inch turntable (1-by-4) 4 3-inch rectangular hinges 2 12-inch mending plates 2 8-inch mending plates 6 ceiling hooks 2 10-inch turnbuckles 2 6-inch turnbuckles 16 2 1/2-inch corner braces 2 4 1/2-inch, 1/2-inch-diameter carriage bolts 2 3-inch 1/2-inch-size pipe nipples 1 8-inch, 1/2-inch-size pipe nipple 3 end caps for 1/2-inch-size pipe nipples 3 1/2-inch floor flanges 4 eye screws 2 rubber tarp straps -- various flat washers, lock washers, screws, wood screws, bolts, and wing nuts
When water leaks out from under your toilet, it usually means the wax ring between the bottom of the bowl and the floor flange has failed.