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(flōr), [TA]
The lower inner surface of an open space or hollow organ.


Patient care A ward or place in a hospital or medical center where Pts are housed, usually for non-emergent or non-urgent care

Patient discussion about floor

Q. Is it healthy to do Abdominal Sit-Up on the floor without mattress? during sit-Up without mattress I felt pain in the lower back, and I'm afraid that it might be harmful on the long run

A. Absolutely not!
I used to do it at the gym on a very thin carpet. Ended up at my orthopedic doctor with a lot of pain at my lower back. The doctor told me to abstain workout for the next 2 weeks and warned me to always use a mattress.

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Mum Sharon told an inquest she had earlier complained after seeing her daughter on the floor feeding herself.
"She used to sit on the floor feeding him crisps and in the 10 months that we had him I never once heard him growl," he said.