flocked swab

flock·ed swab

(flokt swahb)
Specimen collection device with tufts of polyester material attached to the end of a plastic shaft; used to collect specimens of bacterial and viral pathogens.
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Puritan flocked swab technology was developed in 2012.
These two patents, are continuations of previous applications related to the flocked swab technology, proudly invented and developed by Copan and dedicated to the collection of biological specimens.
For research purposes, a nasopharyngeal sample was collected from the boy at hospital admission by using a flexible pernasal flocked swab; written informed consent was obtained from the parents.
The cost of the flocked swab method was 58% less in terms of equipment and procedural time than for nasopharyngeal aspiration in this 106-patient study, Dr.
The average estimated yield of epithelial cells rated by laboratory personnel on a 1-4 scale was a score of 3.6 per flocked swab and 3.0 per nasal aspirate.
The flocked swab has no medium to dilute the specimen.
The introduction of the flocked swab in 2003 allowed throat, wound, genital, etc.
For this review we will present the components of swabs and compare some commercial brands, including the newest commercially available swab, the flocked swab.
A comparison of mid-turbinate flocked swab specimens with nasopha ryngeal aspirates for the detection of respiratory viruses by the direct fluorescent antibody technique in children.
Tenders are invited for framework contracts for the supply of regular flocked swabs
For proteomic analysis, the E.coli biofilms were recovered from the coating surfaces using nylon flocked swabs and recovered into 2mL of sterile deionized water.