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To become flocculent.

flocculate, flocculation


To become flocculent.
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But when added to water clouded with sediment, it flocculates the fine particles, causing them to settle out -- sometimes to the point of filling up the head of a furrow.
Over time, the pigment slowly flocculates and rheology of the dispersion/ink changes as a result.
PAM-amended irrigation water affects this process in two ways: 1) it adsorbs to soil surfaces, increasmg soil cohesion and aggregate stability; and 2) it flocculates fine soil particles suspended in the furrow stream, producing larger aggregates that settle out of the flow instead of exatlng the field in runoff water.
ss], the electrolyte concentration needed to completely flocculate the clay suspension (or, in other words, completely prevent dispersion) is termed 'threshold electrolyte concentration' (TEC) (Rengasamy 2002).
Attributes/comments: Genorad dispersing aids improve dispersion and stability of pigments used in UV/EB inks and coatings by providing easy separation of pigment particles during the milling process and they stearically stabilize the pigment particles, minimizing flocculate and agglomeration.
In the presence of type F chemical at ~ 5 ppmv, the dispersed species tended to flocculate (Figure 5).
The misconception has arisen that the concentration required to maintain a stable permeability is that which is required to flocculate a dispersed suspension of soil (Felhendler et al.
If a dispersion is unstable, the particles will flocculate," Ms.
This sample was treated with a few drops of concentrated alum solution to flocculate the suspended sediment.
Pigment pastes often are so concentrated that they are difficult to evaluate without diluting them, which may flocculate the pigment.
When fibres flocculate or fillers deposit on fibres, the mean chord length increases.
This is in contrast to the more traditional thickeners that tend to flocculate the particles due to the phenomenon of depletion flocculation.