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Cardiology verb To insert an anchored device in a fluid-filled lumen—e.g., to float a catheter
Managed care—US noun A pool of money from an HMO’s enrollees to be used to pay for services rendered by physicians and other providers—e.g., hospitals
Medical work noun A skilled responsible person—e.g., house staff officer, resident physician, or supervisory nurse—who ‘floats’ about an institution addressing needs, assuring continuity of care, allowing staff to take breaks, and relieving personnel


Health care staffing A skilled responsible person–eg, house staff officer, resident physician, or supervisory nurse, who 'floats' about an institution addressing needs, assuring continuity of care, allowing staff to take breaks, and relieve personnel. See Night float.


1. an instrument used in the filing or rasping of a horse's premolar and molar teeth. Handles are 24 to 28 in (60 to 70 cm) with a broad head into which an interchangeable rasp can be screwed. Some rasps work when pulled toward the operator, others work only when pushed away. Short-handled floats with the heads set at an angle are used for the front upper molars.
2. in British countries, the term for a road vehicle used for the transport of large animals, usually horses or cattle. A low-level float may be an independent unit towed behind another vehicle. A high-level float is standard-truck height and an integral part of the vehicle.

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Q. Hey bipolar people. how are you doing?? I'm floating- guess that's the best way to put it... I'm glad you all are here so I can share with you. I feel like I'm out of a serious accident or after war, not sure who won... not feeling bad anymore, not as lost as before but a bit woozzy... how are you guyss doing today?

A. I am glad you hear you are feeling better today Zorba! Continue to be aware of your moods to ensure they don't swing into a mania. I hope you are able to remain leveled. Thanks for sharing!

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