impure flutter

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a rapid vibration or pulsation.
atrial flutter a cardiac arrhythmia in which the atrial contractions are rapid (230–380 per minute), but regular. Two types, I and II, are distinguished according to rate; Type I is also more amenable to cardioversion. In Type I the atrial rate is usually 290 to 310 per minute but can range from 230 to 350. In Type II the atrial rate is usually 360 to 380 per minute but can range from 340 to 430.
diaphragmatic flutter peculiar wavelike fibrillations of the diaphragm of unknown cause.
impure flutter atrial flutter in which the atrial rhythm is irregular.
mediastinal flutter see mediastinal flutter.
pure flutter atrial flutter in which the atrial rhythm is regular.
ventricular flutter a possible transition stage between ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation, the electrocardiogram showing rapid, uniform, and virtually regular oscillations, 250 or more per minute.

im·pure flut·ter

mixture of atrial flutter (FF) waves and fibrillation (ff) waves in the electrocardiogram.

im·pure flut·ter

(im-pyūr' flŭt'ĕr)
Mixture of atrial flutter (FF) waves and fibrillation (ff) waves in the electrocardiogram.
Synonym(s): flitter, flutter-fibrillation.
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