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Patient care The conversion of an 'attached' Pt–already being seen by a particular physician or group–to another doctor for future followup after being seen in an ER or other neutral health care setting, where one of the ER staff suggested that the Pt switch physicians. See Attached patient.

Patient discussion about flipping

Q. i have a ex boyfriend who is 57 i think hes a alcoholic or something or bipolar.. his personality flip flops. well wondering what is causing this maybe midlife crisis .. i asked something is going on... he thinks he's fine.

A. he seems to have control issues. and just went to court on a domestic voilence charge he never hit me, but he been verbally abuse and emotionally, which i would not stand for.. he sweet one minute then two hours later. hes threatening..

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On flipping the classroom in large first year calculus courses.
Lastly, with interest rates so low, there is a lot of private capital domestically and internationally looking for good returns, and flipping real estate is still offering good returns.
Home flipping is happening at a less aggressive rate than during the mortgage boom.
Markets with the highest average gross flipping profit in dollars for the 110 metros with at least 250 flips were led by San Francisco ($145,000); San Jose, California ($145,000); New York ($120,000); Los Angeles ($115,000); and Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, California ($110,000).
Despite these studies and the lack of much hard evidence suggesting that flipping results in more effective teaching or learning, many administrators are encouraging their faculty to try flipping.
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Instead of lecturing, flipping his classroom has also allowed Christensen to do more activities in class and spend more one-on-one time with each student.
Home Flipping Report, 26,947 single family homes were flipped nationwide in the third quarter of 2014 representing four percent of all U.
14) he notes, " 'Flipped learning'--reversing the traditional 'lecture in class, go home and do your homework' model for a 'watch the lecture at home and come in prepared for some in-depth collaboration and authentic learning' arrangement--may very well be the latest trend, but all signs point to a staying power that says everyone who tries it is flipping for it.
Chancellor Alistair Darling has been blasted for flipping FOUR times between what is his main Flip Alistair - one Gordon one one and secondary home, and Communities Secretary Hazel Blears THREE.
Flipping the magnetization therefore changes the bit's value.