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(ā′prŏn) [Fr. naperon, cloth]
1. An outer garment covering the front of the body for protection of clothing during surgery or certain nursing procedures.
2. Part of the body resembling an apron, e.g., redundant skin and underlying adipose tissue of the lower abdomen.

lead apron

An apron that contains lead or equivalent material and is sufficiently pliable to wear as protection from ionizing radiation. It is used to shield patients and personnel during radiological procedures.
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Additionally, the flight line maintainer often complained that the ASC subdepots were unresponsive to the urgency of day-to-day mission requirements.
Two topographic profiles collected over flight line 2 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED] are used to illustrate the use of the laser altimeter for measuring long topographic profiles [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
As we headed back to the flight line to wait for the F-15Es to return, an alert sounded for a possible chemical attack by Iraqi Scud missiles.
"We're serving the same high quality, nutritious hot food that we serve at the galley, and we bring it right to the Sailors on the flight line."
That marriage, regardless of command channels, is always the combat unit." The organizational structure that best supports the fight alignment for flight line maintenance should be one where trained, educated, and experienced experts are available when things do not go as planned.
Another funny aspect of the picture is shortly after the picture was taken by Combat Camera, it was distributed around the flight line. We never had a dirty window again because the fabulous maintainers of the E-8C.
We don't have to be out there on that hot old flight line anymore.
The set is aimed at flight line and bench testing of transponders (modes 1, 2, 3/A, 4, C and S) and interrogators (modes 1, 2, 3/A, 4 and C).
With the change from three to two levels of EW maintenance, maintenance crews from the flight line to the depot face new problems.
Visitors may mix with pilots at the flight line after the air shows, and the Saturday show will end with planes dropping candy to children in the audience.
On any given day, on any given Naval or Marine Corps airfield, there is an Aircraft Maintenance Officer (AMO) on the flight line, urgently prioritizing a squadron's workload, juggling available manpower and material resources to optimize aircraft availability and meet the ever-emerging flight schedule.
According to the company, the app has the capability to connect maintenance personnel on the flight line and the depot shop floor to an entire enterprise of fleet knowledge.

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