flexural eczema

flex·ur·al ec·ze·ma

eczema of skin at the flexures of elbow, knees, wrists, etc., associated with atopy persisting through childhood.
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For these guidelines, meeting a diagnosis of AD requires an itchy skin condition, followed by three or more of the following: a history of flexural involvement; a personal history of asthma or hay fever; a history of general dry skin in the last year; visible flexural eczema, and onset under the age of 2 years.
The questionnaire contains information on gender, age, age at appearance of lesion(s), duration of lesion(s), itching degree score, distribution and clinical features of skin lesions, history of asthma or hay fever, history of atopic disease in relatives, history of general dry skin, history of eczema in childhood, and history of flexural eczema.
The woman reported episodes of intermittent childhood and flexural eczema.