flexor retinaculum of hand

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a structure that retains an organ or tissue in place.
flexor retinaculum of hand a fibrous band forming the carpal tunnel, through which pass the tendons of the flexor muscles of the hand and fingers.
retinaculum morga´gni a ridge formed by the coming together of segments of the ileocecal valve.
retinaculum ten´dinum a tendinous restraining structure, such as an annular ligament.

flex·or ret·i·nac·u·lum of hand

a strong fibrous band crossing the front of the carpus and binding down the flexor tendons of the digits and the flexor carpi radialis tendon and the median nerve; in so doing it creates the carpal tunnel.

flexor retinaculum of hand

The fascial band that holds down the flexor tendons of the digits.
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