flexor digitorum brevis muscle

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flex·or di·gi·to·rum bre·vis mus·cle

(fleks'ŏr dij-i-tō'rŭm brē'vis mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, medial tubercle of calcaneus and central portion of plantar fascia; insertion, middle phalanges of four lateral toes by tendons perforated by those of the flexor longus; action, flexes lateral four toes; nerve supply, medial plantar.
Synonym(s): musculus flexor digitorum brevis [TA] , short flexor muscle of toes.
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La aponeurosis transversa del EDL se inserta en la zona plantar de la base de la falange proximal creando un desfiladero anatomico formado por la zona dorsal de esta aponeurosis transversa del EDL y la zona plantar del plano glenoideo, denominado "tunel de los flexores", a traves del cual discurren los tendones del FDL y del Flexor Corto de los dedos o Flexor Corto Plantar o tambien denominado "Flexor Digitorum Brevis" (FDB).
Tendon del Flexor Digitorum Brevis o Flexor Corto de los dedos
Functional identification of fiber types in enzymatically dissociated murine Flexor Digitorum Brevis (FDB) and Soleus muscles.
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