flexor carpi radialis muscle

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flex·or car·pi ra·di·a·lis mus·cle

(fleks'ŏr kahr'pī rā-dē-ā'lis mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, common flexor origin of the medial condyle of humerus; insertion, anterior surface of the base of the second and most often sending a slip to that of the third metacarpal bone; action, flexes and abducts wrist radialward; nerve supply, median; its tendon travels in its own canal roofed by a layer of the transverse carpal ligament.
Synonym(s): musculus flexor carpi radialis [TA] , radial flexor muscle of wrist.
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flexor carpi radialis muscle

Forearm muscle. Origin: medial epicondyle of humerus. Insertion: bases of second and third metacarpals. Nerve: median (C6-C7). Action: abducts hand, flexes wrist.
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Once the subcutaneous fat has been dissected, the fascia overlying the brachioradialis muscle and the superficial flexor muscles of the forearm is divided between the bellies of the brachioradialis and the flexor carpi radialis muscles. Care is taken to keep the LABCN in the lateral compartment of the fascial division.
After division of the fascia, a careful retraction of the brachioradialis and flexor carpi radialis muscles should reveal the entire course of the RA in the forearm (Fig.
The fascia between the brachioradialis and flexor carpi radialis muscles is divided anterior to the radial artery to allow more space for proximal insertion of the subcutaneous ultra-retractor.

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