flexible benefits

flexible benefits,

n.pl a benefits program in which an employee has a choice of credits or dollars for distribution among various benefit options (e.g., health and disability insurance, dental benefits, child care, pension benefits). See also cafeteria plans and flexible spending account.
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To consider current market practice regarding DC pensions, risk benefits, healthcare, flexible benefits and also incentive awards and provide an initial proposal.
These wins recognise the innovative approach of Causeway Lifestyle, including the company's flexible benefits and Wellness programmes, and the value they bring for both the company and its employees.
Middle East employers are not offering Flexible Benefits programmes despite research showing that employees respond positively to such incentives, according to global human resource firm Mercer.
SimplyBiz Group, led by Huddersfield Giants chairman Ken Davy, has acquired a majority staKe in Staffcare, a provider of specialist pensions auto enrolment and flexible benefits software to many of the UK's largest employee benefit consultants.
JEDDAH: ARAB NEWSMercer, a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments, has launched its flexible benefits offering, customized to the Myddle East.
Mercer, a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments has now launched its flexible benefits offering, customised to the Myddle East.
A comprehensive flexible benefits program is available that allows the employee to choose from a number of options and coverage levels to customize a package that best meets their needs.
It's not surprising, then, that more employers are now considering the role that flexible benefits can play in meeting the varying needs of their workforce.
W&A, based in The Plaza, in Liverpool, and Northgate, will offer corporate clients financial services, HR and flexible benefits.
The March Group currently represents a national provider of professional COBRA administration services and flexible benefits account services to private and public customers.
Ministers please note - flexible working needs a flexible benefits system.
Staff will also benefit from a pounds 52million flexible benefits allowance that gives them the option to choose from a range of benefits to suit their needs.
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